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When is and ideal time to fly to Cairo?

Peak season:

Cairo enjoys a high season lasting from round the middle of October until May time. The weather is typically warm but not scorching. Cheap flights to Cairo are often very difficult to seek out at this point without booking beforehand , so attempt to secure your flight tickets at the earliest moment. March sees the International festival and includes orchestras from all round the globe. There are usually different activities and workshops that occur alongside the event, so families can enjoy them if the jazz doesnít suit the youngsters an excessive amount of . September are often a busy month, although you can find cheap flights to Cairo tons easier than within the peak of the year, and temperatures usually linger round the mid 20ís.

Off season:

June to late August is classed because the off season. Itís the summer time, but thanks to a mixture of extremely high temperatures and a smog which may be very unpleasant, most tourists prefer to avoid the summer. Due to this you can usually find the most cost effective flights to Cairo from June to August, especially if you propose ahead. Mid-September to the center of October is typically the month of Ramadan although it can vary so confirm to see this before you book your flight tickets. Ramadan can sometimes offer cheap flights to Cairo, but tons of attractions are going to be closed, as will many restaurants and museums. Some places will open after sundown but the streets will rather be completely deserted. This will spoil a vacation as many things wonít be available for you.

When is the best time to book a flight to Cairo?

You can find return flights to Cairo for as little as £250-ish per person if you book ahead and aim for months like March, April or May. Youíll want to aim to possess your flight tickets secured a minimum of three months beforehand to form a saving. The simplest thanks to find the most cost effective flights to Cairo is to be flexible with once you can travel. If you limit yourself to a selected week within the year then likelihood is that youíll find yourself overpaying for your flight tickets. The views are pretty barren, but if you can sit on the left side of the plane as you approach then youíll get glimpses of the Nile and city.

Which day is cheapest to fly to Cairo?

The cheapest flights to Cairo are usually found when departing on a Tuesday. The departure day with the very best cost at the present is Friday.

What time of day is cheapest to fly to Cairo?

Cairo flights are often made cheaper if you select a flight within the morning. Booking a flight within the afternoon will likely mean higher prices.

How long is the flight to Cairo from other airports of United Kingdom?

Flights from London to Accra: 4 hours 50 minutes

Flights from Manchester to Accra: 6 hours 15 minutes

Flights from Birmingham to Accra: 06 hours 25 minutes

Flights from Glasgow to Accra: hours 55 minutes

Which airlines do operate flights to Cairo?

London is that the major airport to fly out of if youíre trying to find direct flights to Cairo. There are several airlines that provide cheap flight tickets from smaller regional airports, but you would possibly have a connection along the way. EgyptAir and British Airways are the 2 main airlines which will provide cheap flights to Cairo, so itís best to match a couple of dates and see who offers you the simplest value for money. British Airways have complimentary snacks and drinks onboard all of their flights to the present are some things you'll enjoy and cash in of during the 5-hour flight time.

How can we get from the airport to the city center?

The airport in Cairo is about 22 km faraway from the town center and there are a few of options to assist you get there. the most cost effective way would be to leap on a bus from outside arrivals. Bus 356 is air-conditioned and goes to Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo otherwise you can get buses 27 or 949. The last two are cheaper but donít have air-conditioning. Your other option is to urge a personal taxi service. they are easily available from the airport but confirm you have agreed on the worth before you get in, alternatively you would possibly end up getting overcharged. Expect a fee of around EGP 80. As you allow the airport youíll quite likely get swamped with people trying to urge you into their taxi and supplying you with many fuss and it are often a touch overwhelming. confirm you retain your wits about you and you ought to be fine. Lastly, once youíve booked your flights to Cairo itís worth seeing if your hotel can provide transfers to and from the airport. That way you wonít need to worry an excessive amount of about finding your way.

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