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When is the ideal time to travel to Kilimanjaro?

You can visit the Kilimanjaro region all year round thanks to the moderate climate. However, the region has two distinct seasons: dry and wet, which you'll probably want to require under consideration if the most aim of your trip is to climb Kilimanjaro .

The two main trekking seasons are January to March and June to October. Take a flight to Kilimanjaro during the months of January to March if you'd like better to make the climb while it's slightly quieter, although confine mind it'll be colder. Alternatively, if you'd like better to make the ascent in warmer conditions then visit in June to October. This however, is additionally the busiest time because it coincides with the summer holiday period. Although December is extremely cold on the summit and may be quite wet, it's also becoming a well-liked time to go to .

April, May and November aren't ideal for trekking as they're the wettest months. If however you would like to seek out an inexpensive flight to Kilimanjaro and lower rates for tours and accommodation, you'll still attempt the journey during these months. it's vital to make sure you've got good wet-weather gear and therefore the right equipment for completing the climb within the rain.

Which day is cheapest to travel to Kilimanjaro?

At the instant , Sunday is that the most economical day to require a flight to Kilimanjaro. Friday is probably going to be the foremost costly.

What time of day is cheapest to travel to Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro flights are often made cheaper if you select a flight within the morning. Booking a flight at midday will likely mean higher prices.

City Overview

On the north eastern fringe of Tanzania lies a neighborhood of natural beauty that pulls thousands of tourists trying to find a once during a lifetime challenge. The Kilimanjaro region incorporates the Kilimanjaro park , a World Heritage Site and guarded game reserve, where visitors can get on the brink of various wildlife, including Cape buffalo , blue monkeys, elephants and leopards.

Although there are many reasons to go to this incredible region, thousands of tourists take flights to Kilimanjaro for one single reason: to form the seven day trek up the worlds highest volcano. Kilimanjaro stands proud above the encompassing forest, wreathed in cloud and may be tackled via several different routes that ascend to the summit. At a height of 19,340 ft (5,895 m), it's not a challenge to be taken lightly, but if you are well prepared and amid knowledgeable licensed guide , it's a very remarkable experience.

If you do not want to spend every week on the mountain, there are many other activities that are well worth the flight to Kilimanjaro. On the mountains lower slopes sits the regions capital Moshi, an area where most of the people begin their exploration of the world . you'll book with an area tour company to travel on safari by horse, camel or all-terrain bike and see a number of the local wildlife in their natural habitat. It is also an incredible opportunity to spend time during a village inhabited by African indigenous people, just like the Maasi tribe, to find out about their customs, handicrafts and way of life. you'll even spend an evening during a typical tribal house built using the normal woven technique.

The Kilimanjaro region offers experiences that are impossible to forget, whether you select to require the mountain challenge or like better to keep your feet firmly on the valley floor, this is often a very remarkable and memorable place.

Getting around Kilimanjaro

Moshi is best explored on foot thanks to its small size, because it only takes quarter-hour to steer from one side of town to the opposite . Taxis also are available for hire within the town.

Getting from the Airport to the City

Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) is situated a 45-minute drive west of Moshi. the most cost effective thanks to transfer from the airport is by local bus. There also are taxis available, but you ought to negotiate a price with the driving force before starting your journey. There also are shuttle buses that run between the airport and therefore the local towns.

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